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The Module Display

The main display comes int two parts:-
  1. The grid on the left hand side that shows the list of Newsletters sent, along with the ability to edit the newsletter or email the sender via your standard mail client. Hovering over a grid row will bring up a copy of the newsletter in a tooltip.
  2. Display of the currently selected newsletter

Main View.png


  • Ignore Email Address - You can stop emails being sent to a specific email address. On my site, where users don't have an email address (yes it is possible...) I set their email address to To stop the module trying to send emails to this address I can just enter it here.
  • Profile Email Setting - Rather than using the standard email address, you can tell the module to use a custom profile setting. This is so I can get emails set from a users role email (e.g. Publicity Officer) rather than their personal email. I use 'CommitteeEmailAddress'. It will default to standard email address if the custom value is empty.
  • Enable Social Integration - When enabled new newsletters will appear as notifications in the Core DNN Notifications centre with a link to the newsletter.
  • Display Module - Because Newsletters are shared across multiple module instances, you may create the newsletter in one place and display it somewhere else. In which case the notifications and emails need to point to the right module instance to display the newsletter. This setting allows this configuration.


Create/Edit Newsletter

Create a new email by clicking on New Email at the top of the main display, or you can edit an existing one. The edit view has the following items:-
  • Select to Publish or save as Draft. Saving as Draft will only send an email if 'Send to Yourself' is ticked.
  • Display of the email address the email will be sent from. This is your DNN email address, or the email address stored in the custom profile property set in the module settings.
  • Select the roles to send to
  • Tick 'Send to Yourself' if you want to send a test email, or are sending to a role your aren't a member of.
  • If you have Ventrian Newsarticles and IT Crossing's Metapost installed - then you can cross publish to Newsarticles. Publish To and Publish To Categories enable you to select which Newsarticles instance and Categories to publish to.
  • Enter a Subject
  • If you have something selected in Publish To, the Summary box will appear, which is used as the Newsarticles summary
  • Enter the main email text in the Message.
  • You can save the current content as a Template. You can then later load these for use.


Windows Live Writer

The module now supports Windows Live Writer using IT Crossing's metaPost as the interface. I will provide more documentation on this when I get a chance.

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